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ELOA Chat Box
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What Is The ELOA Chat Box?
The ELOA Chat Box is an all-in-one chat box solution specifically designed for law firms.
The goal of the ELOA Chat Box is to capture a lead, and get your office in touch with the lead as quickly as possible.
Our chat boxes are staffed 24/7 by qualified operators who work off scripts developed around your specifications and fine-tuned to match your firm’s voice and meet the needs of your clientele.
The ELOA Chat Box interface is custom designed to match your website to offer your website visitors a consistent branding experience throughout the entire chat process.

How Does the ELOA chat Box Stand Up To The competition?

How Does The ELOA Chat Box Work?
Hiring a law firm is an investment and most potential clients will have questions and concerns about your practice before they decide whether your firm is the right fit for their needs.
But not all website visitors will reach out with those questions and those potential clients can slip through the cracks before you ever know they’re there.
With the ELOA Chat Box, you can capture more of those website visitors and convert them into clients.
Website visitors will see a chat box pop up on their screen along with a welcome message from an ELOA Chat Specialist letting them know they’re there to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have as they browse the website.
During the chat, your chat specialist will gather qualifying information, like name, location, and contact information, and then put them in touch with you or someone from your firm.
Their chat interactions will come straight from the script you develop with ELOA and all copy will be approved by your firm prior to being used in potential client chats.
Once the necessary information is gathered, we immediately pass all qualified leads onto your firm for further engagement.
A Valid Lead Must:
If you get a lead you feel isn’t valid for your practice, no problem: you have three days to contest the lead.

We’ll review, and if we find the lead doesn’t meet our qualifications, you won’t be charged.
Connect With Leads Via Telephone Automatically

We also offer a direct connect option that allows you to immediately connect with hot leads in real time.
Here’s how it works:
Once the chat specialist determines a lead is qualified and they’re ready to connect with someone at your practice, the chat specialist confirms they would like to take next steps and speak to someone on the phone.
Once the specialist confirms they’re ready, they will initiate a phone call to your office. When you or someone in your office picks up the phone, you’ll hear an automated message letting you know you’re about to be connected to a new lead from your website.
At that point, the prospect’s phone will ring as if you called them yourself and you’ll be ready to connect and convert that prospect into a client of your law firm.
Why The ELOA Chat Box Is The Best Solution For Your Law Practice

When you’re ready to add a chat box to your website, you want to work with a company that understands the unique demands of lawyer marketing - and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.
With most chat box services, you’ll find yourself paying close to $500 just to install the website, followed by charges nearly $35-$50 per lead.
The ELOA Chat Box is absolutely free with all ELOA memberships - if you’re a member, you’re ready to go.
The only charge you’ll incur with the ELOA Chat Box is $10 per valid lead.
We’ll even set everything up and walk you through how to use the platform.
All you have to do is watch the leads roll in.

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